Monday, 29 July 2013

Love is in the air...

So after all the hard work and preparation my BFF put in over the past few months her big day finally arrived!!  

I was super excited (obviously!) and wanted to share the big day with everyone.  But since it was her big day and not mine I didn't want to invade her privacy by plastering it all over my blog.  

So I got to thinking about the little parts of the day that tell a story without invading people's privacy.  I know that many brides now think along the same line and have pictures of their shoes and dress etc taken before hand but as a guest I took some different shots that I thought I would share them with you.

So here's my attempt at putting their fairytale day into anonymous pictures...

Tissues at the ready just incase (it was a good job too!)

Inside the church waiting on the beautiful bride!

After all the tears were dried and mascara reapplied it was time for the wedding breakfast; lamb shank on a bed of mustard mash.  My eyes were bigger than my belly but what I managed (I did have a starter too!) was super yummy!

With a little rest and some drinks in the sunshine I managed to find some room for this amazing banoffee dessert which I shared with the BF... Thankfully he ate most of it otherwise I would have burst!

Even at weddings I gladly swap my champagne for a nice cup of peppermint tea after the meal.  How very British!

Although I couldn't eat the cake (it wasn't gluten free) it did look absolutely beautiful and the mint choc chip layer (yip you read that right!) went down a storm with the other guests.

So after the speeches and the cutting of the cake the bride and groom had their first dance under these dreamy chandeliers... 

Me being me I came prepared with some sensible sandals!  Good job too after that feast because I definitely needed a work out!

Just like me the BFF loves her tea so these cute and quirky (just like her!) favours at the end of the were a perfect finishing touch :)

So as the happy couple embark on their new chapter in life I would just like to finish up this post by thanking them for including me in their big day and wishing them a life time of happiness and a very sunny honeymoon!! 

With all my love L xx

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