Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dundead - are you scared yet??

Dundead is back!  Dundee Horror Film Festival hosted and run by DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts) is back for its 3rd season next week… be prepared to hide behind your hands people!

I have said to myself for the last two years that I HAVE TO GO! But me being me, I always end up missing it and I usually only remember when I see someone walking down the street in the awesome Dundead T-shirts!… but this year I am definitely, maybe going to make it!  (My usual commitment level at its best!) 

For those of you interested in checking out the full line up please check out the DCA page @ or like them on Facebook

If like me you can’t decide which one to go see then you should take advantage of the “Survival Pack” offer which allows you to buy six film passes and receive your very own bonus survival pack which contains the Dundead T-shirt, festival merchandise and more for an amazing £30. Just add popcorn and someone to hold your hand and you’re ready to face the monsters of the night.

My top picks for this year are:

1.     Would You Rather (which is a UK premier no less!), Thursday 2 May at 8.30pm.

Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator) gives a larger-than-life performance as Shepard Lambrick, an eccentric aristocrat who summons eight desperate individuals to his secluded mansion with the possibility of a financial reward if they agree to take part in a parlour game – the parlour game quickly leads to torture, sadism and death.

Billed as a film in the mould of Saw or Hostel, but with more going for it due to its restrained direction, intelligent screenplay and fine ensemble cast.

To top it off the screening will be kicking off with a selection of vintage cinema adverts and trailers and the chance to see short film Familiar (Canada 2012, 24m), directed by Robert Powell.

2.      The Hidden Face, Friday 3 May at 6.15pm

Filmmaker Andrés Baiz follows his acclaimed debut, the violent crime drama Satanás, with this tense, intriguing thriller.
Adrián (Quim Gutierrez) is a young orchestra conductor who moves into an isolated mansion with his fiancé Belén (Clara Lago). Their relationship begins to turn sour when Belén believes he is having an affair: then one morning she disappears. The police initially suspect Adrián, but the investigation is soon dropped when they cannot find any evidence. Moving on, Adrián becomes involved with a young waitress (Martina García) who he invites to live with him, but she starts to hear noises and experience strange events in the mansion.
This screening will be preceded by Human as Animal (US 2012, 4m), directed by Kristina Klebe.

3.     The Lords of Salem, Saturday 4 May at 8.30pm

The fifth feature from Rob Zombie (House of 1000 Corpses) is dubbed as the director's most ambitious film yet.
In the city of Salem, Massachusetts (where the notorious 17th century witch trials took place), strange events occur when a wooden box containing a vinyl record arrives at a radio station. It is addressed to Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie), a DJ who hosts a late-night show, with a note saying it is “a gift from the Lords”. After Heidi plays the music on air, she begins to experience bizarre and traumatic visions. Billed as a deeply unsettling audio-visual experience, The Lords of Salem must be seen on the cinema screen to be truly appreciated.
This screening will be preceded by a chance to see Out There (Ireland 2012, 15m), directed by Randal Plunkett.

Noteworthy – From the review I think this one may be a bit too much for me but if you think you have the stomach for it then the “ABCs of Death” showing on Sunday 5 May at 6pm covers 26 ways to die from A – Z…. see what they did their?! And they say horror isn’t witty!

Also for those of you who love the classics you won’t be disappointed.  With features such as “Blow Out” featuring John Travolta (1980), The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari (1922) and Body Double (1984) included in the festival line up the the vintage horror section covered.

If you guys do make it to any of the features I would love to hear what you thought so please comment below or leave a comment on the Facebook page @

Speak soon – as long as the monsters don’t get me first!



  1. I can't wait for Dundead 3! Don't forget that there is a single Dundead movie shown at DCA about once a month throughout the year, and a mini Dundead festival at Halloween:lots of opportunities to wear your awesome new Dundead 3 t-shirt! ;)

  2. I'm way too much of a scaredy cat for that, but sounds cool!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold