Sunday, 21 April 2013

Memory Bears

Just ordered some teddy bear patterns to make some memory bears.... Never heard of a memory bear?! Don't worry they are pretty new to me as well! Wish I had heard of them 6 years ago.

Basically you use fabric that means something to you and use it to make a memory bear; this is great after both sad and happy times.

Example include; using your wedding dress (or if you want to keep it then a flower girls dress makes a perfect alternative), baby's favourite blanket or clothes once they grow out of them, grandparent shirt, etc or if you wear a uniform with logo they make great graduation or retirement gifts as well. This list is clearly not exhaustive and I would love to hear what other people have made them out of/for.

Hopefully the bears I make turn out as well as these examples! I'll post some pictures once they are all done and let you judge for yourself...


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