Saturday, 20 April 2013

Magnetic board

I have been looking for ideas for a magnetic board but didn't want the normal metal sheet or white version hanging on a wall so was thrilled when I found this on Pinterest today....

And it's so easy and cheap to do!  All you need is:

  1. Metal oven cookie sheet (obviously the ceramic ones won't work for this!).
  2. Fabric of your choice (obviously thicker fabrics such as velvet etc. won't work as well unless you use extra strong magnets so always check before you put the cover on permanently) or if you prefer paper would work equally well; especially wrapping paper or scrapbook paper.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Magnets.
  5. Buttons.
  6. Ribbon.
  7. Glue (spray glue is best for the fabric or paper so that it gives an even coverage that doesn't soak through and then something stronger for the ribbon and magnets, I would suggest a glue gun).
Once you have everything you need it's a simple as covering the board and checking your magnets are strong enough to not only hold through the material but also anything you plan on putting on the board... photos, to do list, inspiration print outs etc. then cut the fabric or paper to size and glue down.

Cut ribbon to size and glue down for a hanger (helpful hint - I often find that when gluing ribbon or other hanging strips it's best to use a bull dog clip to hold the ribbon in place until the glue has dried to ensure it bonds thoroughly).  If you want a ribbon bow as in the picture above use the same technique.

Then simply stick the magnets to the buttons and you are done!

Let me know if you guys try this and leave pictures of any of your masterpieces in the comment section below.


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